Natural organic decor

Natural organic decor


Natural organic decor is a style of decorating that features natural materials in the design and layout of a space. This style can be used in any room in the home, and can be a great way to add a natural element to a space without having to use any artificial materials.

Living in megacities and the crazy pace of life make people look at many things with different eyes and somehow get closer to nature, giving themselves the opportunity to stop, rest and soak in its healing energy.

But not everyone has the opportunity to build a country house or cottage to enjoy life in the bosom of nature, and to create this very nature around you in the city apartment is very possible, arranging the interior in the style of eco, which today by popularity bypassed almost all interior styles.

To understand why more and more people today choose the eco style, let’s analyze its characteristics.

Characteristic features of ecodesign

Since we are talking about creating an interior with natural aesthetics, it also determines the features of the style, which are expressed in:

  • Creation of maximum free space aimed at relaxation, contemplation and meditation;
  • Good natural light and abundance of artificial light;
  • use of natural finishing and decorative materials (wood, cork, bamboo, rattan, stone, brick, ceramics, glass, leather and textiles from natural fabrics), or at least their imitation;
  • color scheme, based on natural colors – from beige to dark brown, all shades of green (natural vegetation), all shades of blue and turquoise (ocean themes), as well as pastel neutral tones;
  • an abundance of indoor plants and fresh flowers, as well as phytodesign;
  • the decor of natural materials, as well as accessories, representing the elements of nature – stumps, snags, branches, stones, shells.
  • And now let’s take a closer look at what techniques and ways you can create an eco-style in the interior.

Surface finish

  • Walls – it is finishing paper wallpaper (monochrome or with floral themes), which can cover them, both completely and combined with accent fragments, for finishing which are used brick, wood, cork or bamboo canvas, as well as photo wallpaper on natural themes;
  • The floor is a wooden floor covering: parquet, laminate, engineering boards, cork panels, as well as ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. As a budget option is suitable linoleum, with an imitation of these natural materials;
  • The ceiling – is decorated under the motto: “The easier, the better. This can be a plain whitewashing, both by itself and decorated with wooden beams, painting with white or matte paint or wooden panels.


Ideally, this should be intense daylight, which comes through large windows or panoramic glazing, but when this approach can not be realized, especially in the conditions of the apartment, it is necessary to properly decide on artificial lighting, which should not only illuminate the room well and pleasantly, but also be competently placed.

Huge chandeliers, the style says “No!”. They are replaced by hanging hangers of round or cylindrical shape, in addition to which should be present floor lamps, sconces or floor lamps, spot lighting ceiling and LED lighting.


The furniture has three basic requirements – it is a natural material, a concise design and simple geometry.

Most often in the eco interiors use solid wood furniture, wooden beds, and solid upholstered furniture upholstered with natural fabrics, various tables and tables in the form of stumps, sawn wood, as well as tabletops made of wood, natural stone or glass.

Wicker furniture is also welcome, including tables, tables, chairs, rocking chairs and hanging chairs.

Natural organic decor


In eco-interior you will not find heavy curtains, lambrequins or draperies with ruffles. The window decoration is very simple – light monochrome curtains of light shades or with unobtrusive patterns, or roller blinds and Roman blinds.

Any textile decor elements should be made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool, canvas or burlap), and decorated in a rather restrained manner.

These may also include carpets, both floor and wall, but they should have a little pile, and necessarily be single-colored, made in natural colors, as well as various mats.


Decor elements are also characterized by restraint, but must be attractive.

Trunks of trees, moss and branches, compositions of dried flowers must be necessarily present in the interior, as well as ceramic or glass vases and mirrors. An indispensable attribute of eco-design are wicker baskets and baskets, planters made of natural materials such as jute, vine and hemp, as well as decor of any kind from burlap.

Designers agree that eco interiors are becoming more and more popular.

And it shows that more and more people want to be in an environmentally friendly atmosphere and live in harmony with nature.