Oriental bedroom decor

bedroom decor


The oriental bedroom decor is the coziest place in any house. It is designed for a quiet intimate rest of the owners of the house, and in it never enter by strangers. Therefore, most often the design of this room is created according to the dictates of their soul, choosing exactly the style that will contribute to enjoyment during a night’s rest in a quiet space of tenderness and comfort.

Features of design

At the present time, bedrooms in the oriental, Arabic style have really become very popular. They are distinguished by external splendor, wealth and opulence of decoration. The oriental color fascinates and beckons. Exquisite, elegant, decor, makes such a bedroom mysterious and truly fabulous. Especially inclined to choose this style the representative of the beautiful half of humanity, because many women dream of creating a cozy corner associated with a thousand and one nights of the mysterious Scheherazade.

Creating an oriental style bedroom requires a lot of space and high ceilings. Going to choose this design, it is worth weighing the pros and cons. It is also worth considering the main differences of the oriental style in the interior:

  • covering the floor with natural stone tiles;
  • covering the walls with high-quality decorative plaster;
  • windows and doors in the form of arches;
  • a large number of hand-made carpets;
  • a lot of draperies of velvet and silk;
  • massive furniture made of natural wood with elements of carving and painting;
  • household items and decorations, emphasizing the oriental style.

Most often for decorating the room in the oriental style the colors of red and blue are used, with a predominance of cooler shades. The same for those who prefer to design exclusively warm palette, experts recommend using sand or apricot shades. Adding to the interior design gold paint, you can also increase the oriental coloring, but here the main thing is not to overdo it. Gold is recommended as a complementary color to the main color.

As a partner color to the main color you can choose white, silver or pearl. An important detail in the classic oriental style is to decorate the walls in the same vein as the ceiling, so that they form a single indestructible composition. As a rule, the ceiling in the oriental bedroom is painted in blue tones, achieving an association with the sky. In this case, look great multilevel ceilings, decorated with intricate paintings or carvings.

Very important details in the design of the walls in the bedroom are a variety of niches with smooth lines, which also make at different levels. Subsequently, in these recesses are placed the mandatory attributes of the oriental style – weapons, lamps, large vases, gilded dishes, inlaid caskets and other small things, without which it is impossible to create a magical atmosphere of the East.

Oriental bedroom decor


The oriental style requires all pieces of furniture to be of impressive size. However, the use of plastic and surrogates is not allowed: all furniture should be made only of natural wood. It can be finished with mother-of-pearl and richly decorated with fancy carvings. In a spacious room will look better furniture made of dark woods. In a smaller room, it’s better to choose light or combined furniture, but the emphasis should still be on the light colors.

When choosing a bed for a room in the oriental style remember that it should be wide, with a big beautiful headboard (and not too high on the legs). No matter how big your bed is, it shouldn’t take up all the space of the room. It’s important to leave enough space for accessories and easy mobility.

If you’re used to sleeping on high beds, you can get out of this situation by placing the bed on a special elevated podium. The most important symbol in the design of a pleasant and mysterious oriental place of rest is, of course, the canopy, without it no Muslim bedroom can do. This attribute will not only decorate your sleeping place, but also give it a special coziness, intimacy, providing a sweet and peaceful sleep throughout the night.

In addition, it is recommended to use additional draperies in the room, with the help of which it is easy to hide flaws in the decoration and make the atmosphere softer and more enchanting. When choosing textiles, pay special attention to their color and texture. Semi-transparent silk fabrics and soft velvet, bright saturated colors are suitable for creating a fairy-tale atmosphere of the East in the design.

If you are not too limited in money to emphasize the atmosphere, you can use for drapery and more expensive brocade. It is very important to choose a suitable bedspread. Since the bed takes up a large space in the room and attracts attention, its decoration should be very harmonious with the general atmosphere of the style.

Important details of oriental style

To complete the image of an oriental fairy tale in your bedroom, you simply need to fill the interior with classic Arabic household items. Most often bronze, as well as copper is used for making items that decorate the environment of oriental design (lamps with carved lampshades, large floor vases, wall dishes). In second place in terms of use in oriental interiors are clay and ceramic products decorated with traditional paintings.

It is also characteristic of oriental design to decorate the room with many decorative pillows of different sizes and colors, which can lie not only on the bed, but also on bedside tables, on the dresser. Sometimes they will even be appropriate on the floor. The main thing is to match all the accessories by color (either sticking to a single color scheme, or playing on the contrast of colors – to create certain accents in the design). It would be nice if you placed in the bedroom soft pouffes or a small sofa on low legs.

The final touch of Arabian color in your bedroom would be aromas and incense, typical for the inhabitants of the East, which they use as aromatherapy. With the help of certain essential oils you will be able to create a wonderful atmosphere and feel like a real queen or sultan. But the main thing here is to observe a measure, so that too excitatory aromas do not interfere with a good and proper night’s sleep.