Oriental furniture decor

furniture decor


Oriental style is a great source of furniture decor. This direction has a high level of detail, and interiors created according to its canons are filled with luxurious furniture, expensive materials and chic decorations. Just one glance at the photos of oriental interiors is enough to get into a fairy-tale world in the blink of an eye. Furniture in oriental style, supplemented with exquisite carvings and elegant ornaments, will be a comfortable decoration of the oriental interior.

Furniture in the oriental style: the basic characteristics

Furniture in the oriental style looks very exotic and designers working in this direction, trying to use the most extravagant items for interior design. Furniture manufacturers rely on unique details, expensive materials, precious metals and stones, incrustation and carving.

Not many interior styles are willing to boast that they can turn a mediocre space into a chic interior, using layered textures and colors. But oriental style furniture creates a magical effect. With its presence, it is able to radically change the design. However, not all oriental furniture looks bright and colorful. For example, the Bedouin interior objects have a very ascetic appearance, and modern models tend to minimalism and laconic design.

The color scheme and ornaments of furniture in the oriental style

Wooden furniture in the oriental style is made of solid dark species. It is complemented by bright upholstery, dominated by shades of red, yellow and orange. Such colors as emerald, cobalt and purple are used as accent colors, diluting the brightness of the red-yellow palette.

For modern furniture in the oriental style is characterized by the use of a calmer color scheme dominated by shades of brown, beige and white. Oriental interior is impossible to imagine without a metallic sheen. Tints of bronze, gold, copper and silver create a sense of grandeur and wealth.

The Oriental style is famous for the use of complex patterns. The furniture is decorated with arabesques, paisley ornaments, hieroglyphs, repeating geometric elements, the motives of flora and fauna.

furniture decor

What is made of Oriental furniture?

For the production of furniture in the oriental style, expensive materials are used. Wooden interior objects are made of precious wood. They can be decorated with hand carvings and incrustation. Upholstery for upholstered furniture in the oriental style is made of natural fabrics: silk, wool, brocade, velvet. For this trend is characterized by decorating the houses with wrought iron and embossing.

What is the furniture in the oriental style?

When we talk about oriental style, we mean magnificent and luxurious furniture. Let’s take a look at the main interior items that are used in this direction.

Couches and sofas in oriental style

In contrast to the Western world, the usual sofas are rarely used in the Arab countries. Rested usually sitting on cushions or low benches. Later came such a characteristic of the oriental countries interior item as an ottoman. This small sofa on low legs was made of natural materials: wood, silk, brocade or wool. For more comfort, ottomans are complemented by cushions.

Another type of sofa in the oriental style is the sofa-takhtata. Often it looks like a large mattress without legs and back, or with a back in the form of a wide cushion that flows smoothly into the armrest.

Tables and chairs in oriental style

Tables and chairs in the oriental style are usually wooden, decorated with abstract or geometric patterns. Luxury interior pieces are inlaid with inserts of walnut, rosewood or peach wood, mother of pearl and pearls.

Dining tables and coffee tables are most often made in the form of a polygon, a hexagon or an octagon. The tabletop can be made of either solid wood or tempered glass.

In addition to wooden chairs, poufs are used in the interior in the oriental style. They are made of genuine leather, velvet and brocade.

Beds and storage furniture in oriental style

Traditional beds in the oriental style are made of wood. They look majestic and chic due to the massive frame, an abundance of carvings and inlays. Asian directions of Oriental style presented to the interior world a laconic futon bed, which looks like a big mattress.

The oriental style does not use cabinets in their usual sense. Their role is played by chests, low chests of drawers and nightstands, as well as wall storage systems, which are most often located in niches.

If you dream of a colorful design, then you will not make a mistake by choosing to design the interior furniture in the oriental style.