Oriental wedding decor

wedding decor


Decorating your oriental wedding decor style can be a good solution to beautify your celebration and make it stand out among other themed celebrations. For starters, it’s a good idea to decide which state’s traditions you want to tie your wedding to. Some people may like the idea of an evening with elements of Indian culture, while others would prefer to see an Arabic entourage at their celebration. In any case, at an oriental wedding, everything should be harmoniously emphasized and thought out in detail: from the decoration of the hall and the festive table, to the attire of the bride and groom.

The wedding decoration in oriental style

To fully feel the atmosphere of the East at your celebration, take care of the availability of fabrics with intricate patterns in bright, saturated colors, as well as unusual garlands and a large number of flowers. After all, no wedding in the oriental style can do without the latter. In addition, the desired effect will help create candles, cozily placed in candlesticks decorated with an interesting ornament.

Often at such celebrations there are also decorations made of feathers, as well as lanterns embroidered with bright threads, and much more. In the East they love the most bright juicy colors, so the use of colorful dishes and vases that attract attention, elements of gold and crystals will also help to achieve the desired result. Not unimportant in the oriental style is the design of invitation cards. They should also be oriental with a predominance of red shades. More information on the design of invitations for weddings in oriental style can be found in a separate article.

The scenario of a wedding in oriental style

Oriental wedding begins with the redemption of the bride. The ritual goes like this: the groom takes a teddy bear or chocolate coins and with all this goodness on the wedding day goes to the parents of his bride and redeems her. The groom should certainly give the bride a bouquet of flowers, which will symbolize his love for her, and after the redemption and the wedding ceremony takes place. To make the wedding ceremony was memorable, it is better to order the external registration, as well as the newlyweds learn the Eastern Dance at the wedding.

For the entertainment part of the event, it is advisable to invite an experienced Toastmaster, who has on his account more than a dozen stylistic weddings. If you are planning for fun contests for the guests, then make sure that these games were not vulgar or vulgar. It is recommended to invite oriental dancers, illusionists, fakirs, yogis and, of course, do not forget about hookahs to your wedding event. Smoking hookah in between contests is sure to please your guests and fill your celebration with pleasant aromas and the right atmosphere.

At an oriental wedding, you can hold contests such as:

  • “Jigit’s Turban”. Contest for time, the groom’s friends need to use a towel to build a turban, and the participant who copes fastest will receive as a prize an exotic drink.
  • “Toast to the newlyweds”. This contest implies a pronunciation of some original congratulations to the young spouses.
  • “Oriental Song.” At a wedding of this format, it is simply necessary to involve the guests in a melodious style. Whoever sings the song better is the winner.
  • “Dexterous Hands.” This contest is great for the female half of the guests. The essence of the competition is that the ladies need to fasten the necklaces on their girlfriends.

Do not forget for each winner of any contest to come up with an incentive prize (belly dancing, books with Oriental fairy tales, pillows of red and purple colors, oriental sweets and more).

Wedding cake in oriental style.

Immerse guests in the atmosphere of a wedding in the style of the mysterious East, you can use viands with fragrant spices and spices, countless fruits and of course sweets. And the last note to the melody of the East will add a large colorful wedding cake of unusual shape, for example, in the form of an animal, bird, waterfall, decorative pillow, castle. And it can also be decorated with patterns, edible exotic flowers and themed figurines.

Clothing for the newlyweds and guests at an oriental wedding

The unity of the oriental wedding style will not be sustained completely without the appropriate accessories for the bride and groom. And the main responsibility, as always, falls on the shoulders of the bride.

A dress in the oriental style should breathe beauty and luxury. It is not necessary to change the traditional white color of the dress, however, to complement the outfit with jewelry is necessary. Bracelets and earrings, a long veil with a patterned border, traditional hair chains and even temporary tattoos – all these are the attributes of a true oriental bride.

With the right selection of accessories and the application of unusually bright makeup, you will look like a fairytale beauty at such a celebration. The groom, in turn, can choose a classic suit. However, his additional attributes, whether it is a boutonniere or a watch, it is recommended to combine with the color scheme of the dress, accessories or the bride’s bouquet. The most important thing is not to forget to warn your guests about the fact that the wedding is organized in oriental style and express your wishes on the observance of the corresponding dress code.

Oriental wedding decor

Original gifts for the newlyweds to the wedding in the oriental style

Many people wonder what to give the newlyweds for an oriental wedding? As a gift, you can give symbolic souvenirs, for example:

  • statuette Hoteichik;
  • a vase with an ornament;
  • thematic picture;
  • piggy bank in the form of a cat;
  • gilded figurine;
  • eastern doll.

Also as a gift will suit ethnic jewelry, attributes of oriental incense or interior items, corresponding to the style. If you have a desire to present a spiritual gift, you can organize a romantic dinner for two or give certificates to a spa. A vacation ticket to an exotic country will not only be original, but also a welcome gift for the newly married couple.