Decor ideas: Which throw pillows go with oriental carpet

oriental carpet


To find out which decorative pillows are suitable for an oriental carpet, we will tell you in this article.

The ethnic style is characterized by the use of elements of decor characteristic of a particular nationality in antiquity. In addition to the differences associated with the diversity of countries and cultures, there are three general trends.

Authentic Ethnic

The most accurate recreation of the interior, materials, ways of their processing, authentic decorative objects.

Ethnic mix

Mixture of cultural motives of different styles in one interior. This style is difficult to achieve as it is necessary to combine quite different objects, colors and prints. Usually choose several primary colors and one theme: sea, spring, hunting, etc.

Ethnic accents

The most common and easy to perform ethnic style. It is enough only textiles: carpet, decorative pillows, plaid, bedspread, curtains, etc. As the basis of the interior take one large object, such as a carpet. And pick up under it the other elements of the decor. They can be stylized and not obviously belonging to any particular culture. Exactly for such interiors and textiles by Tkano brand are most suitable.

Decorative cushions

Decorative cushions personalize the interior, with them it immediately transforms, begins to look more original and stylish. Even a few cushions on the sofa can change the style of the whole room. Of course, you need to know how to choose them correctly.

oriental carpet

Choosing a color palette

Choosing the color of the cushions is the most important step. Don’t buy a solid color red pillow because you like the shade and then a blue one with a contrasting print because you happened to love it at first sight. Determine a color range and stick to it. Pillows can be in warm colors (mustard, red, yellow) or cool colors (blue, purple). Items in the same gamut always work well together, and neutral shades (black, white, gray) fit with any color composition.

How many cushions do you need?

The more cozy atmosphere you want, the more cushions you will have throughout the room: on sofas, on chairs and even on chairs. For restrained interiors (classic, minimalism) usually choose an even number of cushions and symmetrical placement. For a more modern and dynamic style, variety and free associations are a priority.


It all depends on the atmosphere you want to create. The choice of cushions for the Scandinavian style will not be the same as for ethnic boho. Each material has its own advantages:

  • Flax has an interesting texture.
  • Cotton is popular and easy to care for.
  • Velvet brings elegance and warmth to the interior.

The combination of designer cushions made of linen, cotton or velvet gives the overall composition relief and comfort. Covers for decorative cushions are recommended to change according to your mood or the season. For example, choose the warmest ones made of quilted velvet or with embossed decoration for winter, and leave the light monochrome ones for spring and summer.

Ethnic pillows look especially impressive thanks to the volume decor. It can be embroidery, applique, fringe, tassels or pompoms – even one such pillow is enough to make the interior unique.

Ethnic rug

This piece of decor usually becomes the main item in any room. It can be with a geometric print or with a linear pattern, made of wool and durable jute, lined with cotton and with voluminous fringe or puffy tassels. All ethnic rugs have only one thing in common: you are unlikely to find a second one at your friends or relatives, because even handmade rugs of the same model differ from each other a little.

In the photo the carpet harmonizes with decorative pillows by color and geometric pattern, and the difference in texture of the carpet and velvet pillows makes the composition three-dimensional.

Ethnic decor in different rooms

Use decorative pillows and ethnic rugs can be used not only in the living room.

The bedroom also needs an atmosphere of coziness for a comfortable rest, so that you want to spend a lot of time here.

In the study rug and pillows in ethnic style remind about “the big world outside the walls of the house,” brighten up the monotony of distant work and motivate to dream about a vacation in faraway lands.

Ethnic decor in the nursery will bring the spirit of travel and adventure.

A small ethnic rug in the dining area of the kitchen will inspire the hostess for culinary experiments and the search for new flavors and combinations.