Oriental home decor

Oriental home decor


Oriental home decor in the interior is a harmonious combination of features of a particular culture and bold design solutions. A luxurious interior with rich details and unique elements has a number of characteristic features, the use of which allows you to define the stylistic direction.

Oriental style can be divided into Arabic and Asian, each of them carries pieces of culture and history. The difficulty lies in the fact that even with minimal money, the room should look luxurious. Since ancient times, the inhabitants of the eastern countries tried to impress friends and enemies.

Oriental style in the interior: characteristic features

Extraordinary and bright decoration will appeal to fans of the oriental style and those who are tired of boring and monotonous interiors. Spacious and bright room wants to fill with beautiful furniture, handmade decor elements, bright details.

The abundance of bright colors, patterns, textures, materials fills the interior with harmony and a sense of warmth at home. Such rooms are associated with a large and friendly family, all members of which love to spend time together. The atmosphere disposes to a lively and positive communication, fun, relaxation, and a flight of fancy, which will please the creative nature.

For all the oriental trends can be identified common features:

  • When choosing finishing materials and accessories, you should not limit your imagination and desire to create a rich interior. For this would be suitable expensive materials, beautiful carpets, gilded fixtures. In the case of limited financial resources, you can choose inexpensive analogues: plastic panels, single-colored wallpaper, Venetian plaster, tiles, bamboo wallpaper.
  • For the interior in the oriental style, natural materials are suitable. Especially valuable are expensive and rare types of materials.
  • The ceiling surface is painted in a light shade. A dark ceiling, together with brightly colored walls, reduces the available space. For the Chinese direction is characterized by the use of wooden beams, in the Arabian interior create multi-level structures of smooth forms, decorated with paintings.
  • Fabric is important for decorating the oriental interior. Fabric partitions, pillows, blankets, carpets, curtains, all fill the room with coziness.
  • The furniture is characterized by simplicity and proportionality, the main attention is paid to decorative elements and textiles.
  • Spacious rooms are divided into zones with the help of screens, curtains and partitions.
  • As a result of this difficult work, the result should be a laconic and functional interior, filled with luxury.

The choice of color palette

Oriental style is associated with the stories of Arabic fairy tales. In such a room will never be boring. To create a harmonious and stylish interior, it is recommended to use shades of natural colors, their saturation can be different.

In one room, you can use several bright colors, but you should not overdo it either, otherwise there is a risk to make the interior smeared spot.

Luxurious looks light interior with wooden furniture for decoration you can use gold details, handmade accessories.

The choice of color scheme depends on the direction of the oriental style. The Indian interior uses brighter shades, shiny accessories. The Arab direction resembles a desert with its golden sands and blue sky.

Decorating color can be almost any, the main thing is to determine what kind of atmosphere is necessary to create in the living room. If the living room often gathers noisy companies, you can use a beige-orange color scheme, and if the oriental style is used for the interior design of children’s rooms, in addition to various contrasting shades, you need to supplement the room with soft pillows trunks and canopies.

It is also necessary to take into account on what side the room is located north or south. If there is sufficient natural light, it is appropriate to use cool shades, in good light they look brighter. If the room is located on the north side and the natural light is not enough, the room can be decorated in warm colors, which will help to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

As the main shades can be used white, sandy, brown and terracotta.

For bright accents go red, green, crimson and yellow. It is recommended to choose up to four shades.

In a Japanese interior you should use two natural shades (white and brown, sand and black, white and green). The Japanese like a calm atmosphere, a lot of bright shades cannot be used for this direction.

The choice of furniture

The furniture for the oriental interior should be functional, for the Arabian style suit the rocks of dark shades, for the Chinese direction can be used bamboo. The form can be absolutely any form, the decoration is carving, various inserts, covering with gold. The oriental interior is associated with luxury and wealth, it should have a little furniture, it is not necessary to place unnecessary interior items in the living space, which will compress the space and overload the design.

The abundance of textiles and the use of shades of bright colors makes the interior full, to the choice of furniture should be approached very carefully, one extra dresser or an unfortunate place for a sofa can disrupt the harmony.

Chinese interiors are often decorated with unique handmade pieces, which are painted with hieroglyphs, ornaments and patterns.

Wooden furniture of simple shape can be transformed into a unique and exotic specimen, complemented with precious stones and metals, carvings. In most cases, such models are created in a single copy, because of the uniqueness of the design, the furniture has a rather high cost.

Interior items made of dark wood, decorated with carvings, look expensive and stylish, emphasizing the status of the owner. Oriental style should be imbued with an atmosphere of wealth.

Examples of interiors.

Registration of living spaces in the oriental style depends on their functional purpose, area and natural light. For spacious rooms in the oriental style, you can use dark shades, which in a small room compresses the space. It is necessary to think through all the details in advance to get a beautiful and stylish decoration of the living room.

Living room

The perception of the room depends on the main color scheme. For the living room, you need to take a few bright colors and use them to decorate the interior. As a background, shades of light colors will do, they will help to highlight the bright details.

If you plan to gather large companies in the living room, it is worth taking care about the arrangement of people. In this case, you can put a large sofa around the perimeter of the room, and complement the interior with textiles, arches and tables, and the floor can be covered with a carpet.

If the family members often gather in the living room, it is necessary to take care about their comfortable stay in this area. To maintain the identity of the oriental style, the TV set can be hidden in a special niche. Do not forget about the characteristic elements of decor, furniture and accessories.


For the bedroom in the oriental style, light shades are suitable, it is important to keep a calm and peaceful environment in the room, which will contribute to rest and relaxation. You should not overload the interior with unnecessary furniture, all copies should be made of natural materials.

Bedroom in the Arabian style is filled with wealth, in the center of the room is a large bed, it can be supplemented with canopies, pillows, bedspread. Wooden headboard, carved details, inlays, arches, carpets. In such a room there is no place for television equipment, here you need to rest, relax and gain strength.

The kitchen

In the first place in the interior of the kitchen in the oriental style is functionality. In order to partially fill the interior with oriental notes, the entrance door can be decorated with an arch, and to finish the kitchen apron use mosaics. Unusual accessories, utensils, kitchen utensils will help to emphasize the refinement and sophistication of style.

Wooden kitchen set will look good against the background of bright walls. Furniture is decorated with glass inserts, carvings and expensive fittings.

Asian direction allows the use of furniture of simple form without any decorations.

The Bathroom

In most cases, bathrooms have a small area, so to create an interior in the oriental style is to choose light shades and natural materials.

In spacious rooms, you can use more furniture and decor typical of the oriental stylistic direction. For the interior design of such a bathroom, more bright and saturated shades are suitable. The necessary zone can be highlighted by light and original wall decoration.


A colorful and bright children’s room in the oriental style will suit both a toddler and a teenager. Rooms for young children can be decorated with original decorative elements and textiles, the color scheme should be more restrained and light.

Teenagers, on the other hand, will like a rich interior, girls will be happy with a room in crimson tones, boys will do with a blue-orange combination.


Since the hallway is usually small in size and flows seamlessly into another room, such as the living room, it would be a good idea to decorate it all in the same style. This approach will create a unified and complete interior.

In order to make the design of the corridor, at least a little, reminiscent of the oriental style, you can use the tiles with a characteristic pattern to finish the floor, to complement the walls with arches, to place simple, but functional furniture.

Oriental home decor

Popular ways of decorating the ceiling in the oriental style

To finish the ceiling surface in the oriental style use suspended systems, to which lights and decorative elements are attached.

To create unusual ceiling structures use plasterboard, this material can be given any shape. Draping resembles the ceiling in a marquee, for the Asian direction you can use wood and bamboo. Hanging fabric with ornaments and patterns looks interesting.

Oriental style in the interior – this is an unusual way to create a unique design of the living space. The main thing is that the residents were comfortable and cozy, and the choice of color palette, style and arrangement of furniture depends on their wishes. Modern interior design allows you to implement a bold and unusual creative ideas. The oriental interior is harmony, comfort, home warmth, family values, friendliness.

All the details should convey the mood of the style, cultural peculiarities, traditions. The ultimate goal is to create a cozy and harmonious living space that is comfortable for all family members.