How to add natural elements to a design

natural element


The beauty of nature is open to all comers. It is a right we receive at birth. The sky, earth, water, plants and other riches of the planet make us forget our domestic concerns and feel part of a single world.

The same thing happens when we bring nature into our home. It’s not just that interior design takes on more color and texture. In rooms where natural elements are present, people feel happier, healthier, calmer, and at the same time more energetic and optimistic.

Do you want to create a natural atmosphere inside your home? Here are some great ideas that will help to perform interior decoration with the use of various natural elements:

1. Place a “wall of water,” a fountain, or an aquarium in your room

Whether it is a natural or artificial water body, people love being near water. The shimmering streams of water relax us just by looking at them, and they lull us to sleep with their sound. According to Feng Shui, water in the home is closely related to its prosperity, and therefore it really is an ideal element to add to the interior.

Water walls are highly regarded today as an unusual accessory for a luxurious home. They are made individually, according to the customer’s wishes, and can be combined with different types of lighting and finishing materials to fully match the interior design. In addition, a beautiful wall of water helps relieve stress and creates a relaxing spa atmosphere in the home.

2. Complement the space with green plants and trees

First, plants are natural air filters. Secondly, the color green has a calming effect on our nervous system. It’s also the easiest way to bring nature into your home, because unlike water walls and aquariums, potted plants are sold everywhere, for all tastes and wallets, and are relatively easy to care for.

And if you think that decorating the interior with plants can not be interesting, then look at the following photos and see that this is not so.

Separate attention, of course, deserves bonsai – the ancient Japanese art of growing miniature trees. The truth is they are usually not cheap, because the process of growing them is very complicated and takes many years. However, these dwarf trees have such amazing aesthetics that few can resist the temptation to buy them.

By the way, the technology of creating bonsai is no longer a secret, and if you have enough patience, you can try to make something like this yourself.

natural element

3. Make bouquets from freshly cut flowers regularly

Not only do they look beautiful, they also fill your house with delightful scents. Remember that flowers in pastel colors have a relaxing energy, while brightly colored plants create a cheerful and exciting effect. The main thing is to keep them fresh and change the water every day.

4. Take a walk around the neighborhood and bring different items into the house that create a sense of harmony

Pine cones, dry twigs, rocks, acorns, seashells – all of these and more can serve you well as decorative materials for decorating your home. Just fill glass vessels with them, create a little “rock garden”, decorate a beautiful dish with candles or make more complicated crafts such as collages, garlands, etc. – Your imagination has plenty of room to run wild!

5. Use copper decorations

Metal is also an element of nature. However, not every metal allows you to create a natural atmosphere in the house (especially this applies to shiny polished products). But copper will definitely help. It looks both “natural” and luxurious and antique, and therefore ideal for decorating interiors!

6. Put a platter or vase of fruit

Decorating your home with food is one of the latest interior design trends. Use lemons, limes, apples and grapes, combine them with other edibles (like mint sprigs, chestnuts or nuts), and create colorful objects for visual and aromatic enjoyment!

7. Buy furniture and other decor that will express the beauty of nature

Choose an inspiring landscape (painting or photo wallpaper) to decorate the walls;

give preference to simple furniture made of organic materials with minimal finishes;

use natural textiles and wicker products (carpets, baskets, furniture, etc.);

install natural floor and wall coverings (wood, cork, marble, bamboo).

With such simple tricks you can create a naturally beautiful and healthy space, which will inspire a sense of calm, optimism and well-being to people who are in it.