How to design natural playground

natural playground


Today the cottage is successfully used for family vacations. If you have a small yard near the cottage, you can arrange a comfort zone for residents of all ages. For adults it can be a gazebo, a shed with a barbecue or barbecue, benches, etc. To diversify the leisure of the kids come up with a playground with their own hands: photos and ideas for interesting projects are so diverse that problems with the organization of the play area should not arise.

Playground with their own hands

Very often young children choose inappropriate places for their games, which leads to serious injuries, as adults are not always able to keep track of every movement of their offspring. Especially if there are a lot of children. To avoid this happens, it is sufficient to organize a special play area on the site. Numerous photos of children’s playgrounds with their own hands show that anyone can build a simple design that will be interesting to children and safe in operation.

Feasibility of building a summer playground for children

The decision to build a summer playground for children in the countryside will bring a lot of positive moments. The child will not only feel parental care, but also have a specially designated safe place to play.

Playgrounds develop in a child independence. They can distract the baby for a long time, and parents in this time can pay attention to home affairs without fear for his health and life.

Having a special area for rest and play protects the child from many problems, such as:

  • communication with dishonest people;
  • playing with sharp objects that can cause injury;
  • broken bottles, trash, syringes in the grass, dangerous plants.

It is not necessary to strive to create a perfect design. In the photo of children’s playgrounds with their own hands, which are many in the Internet space, we can see that most of the projects are based on imagination and personal preferences. When creating a play area, you just need to give in to your own instincts and take into account the wishes of their children.

natural playground

Construction of playgrounds with their own hands

In order to organize a play area on the homestead territory, it is enough to view photos of playgrounds in the garden with their own hands, presented in this article, or read the materials on the network. As a rule, the set of structures in most cases is standard, but you can always supplement it with any other objects that seem interesting or necessary to you.

The main objects of playgrounds with their own hands: photos and features of designs

Traditional outdoor equipment for playgrounds are considered the following objects:

  • sandbox – for the construction of the frame part it is allowed to use treated logs, stumps or plastic bottles (filling – river sand, carefully sifted and cleaned);
  • constructions of various forms – the constructions can have an interesting external design in the form of ships, wooden houses, cars, figures of animals, rockets, etc. (as a manufacturing material it is recommended to use logs, painted car tires, boards, metal profile);
  • swings of different modifications (suspended, balancing, rocking, etc.);
  • partitions and devices for zoning the territory – for the construction of such objects pebbles, gravel, cones, stones, wood cuts and logs, branches and greenery are used);
  • ropes, hammocks and rope ladders suspended from wooden or metal structures.

Specificity of playgrounds for children at the cottage

The most popular object of the playgrounds for children created with their own hands is a sandpit. This type of construction is able to occupy the kid for several hours, which he can spend on building sand castles, tunnels, playing with molds and other types of toys.

It is very important when building a sandpit not to miscalculate the place of placement. It is recommended to install the structure in the shade (the shade should be moderate, so that the sand does not retain moisture and does not give away dampness) and close to home. Projects of playgrounds may include a sandbox of large size. Such structures are divided into 3 and sometimes 5 zones for play.

If your area there are no tall trees, and it is not possible to organize a sandbox in the shade, a canopy can be built over the structure. This construction will protect the child from direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

Pre-treated sawn wood and logs are better suited for the construction of sports equipment, installed on playgrounds for older children. Tree trunks are suitable for laying paths, and logs, of which a whole complex can be organized, will allow a child to learn to keep his balance.

Automobile tires, pre-painted in bright colors, may be used as improvised materials. Stumps of large and small sizes, as well as planks can be used to make chairs and tables.

Playground made of wood with their own hands: drawings and the principle of placement

In the initial stage, you will need to create a children’s playground on the plot with their own hands schemes, drawings and visualization of all objects in the territory. The development of the project will allow you to create an accurate idea of the future construction and coordinate your actions.

The area that is allocated for construction, should be located in close proximity to the house. This is especially a requirement for families with young children. Even if you can build a safe and comfortable play area, children still need supervision. Therefore, the playground should be located within sight of the window of the house.

Older children are more mobile and demanding in terms of playgrounds. For them, it is worth to arrange a sports area, which can be a little removed from the house. A small area is enough to accommodate swings and a sandbox. Moving and team games require a large space. A garden can be set aside for these purposes, if it is present in the adjacent territory. This place is great for hide-and-seek or a game of tagging.

Requirements for the design of outdoor playgrounds for dachas

There are a number of basic requirements for the placement of the play area and all objects installed on it. By following these simple rules, you can achieve an optimal and safe environment for your child to play in.

Basic requirements for the playground:

  • before you start building, ask your child what games he likes most and what objects he would like to see on his playground. Some prefer to play in a hut woven from willow twigs, others will love the bike path with road signs, others will be interested in a wooden house or a “bungee cord” under a tree. The child should be allowed to decide for himself what he will play with;
  • there is no need to perform the playground in accordance with the style of the cottage area. In this case, the choice of colors is important (the range of shades used should be bright and varied). As ideas for inspiration, take photos of playgrounds at the dacha in a fairy tale style;
  • taking into account the fact that children in the summer season spend most of their time outside, the children’s area should be located in the penumbra. Use trees or a canopy made with your own hands for this purpose.

How to increase the safety of children’s outdoor playgrounds

To make the space safe for children, you should first of all take care of the vegetation. Remove thorny plants and nettles from the area.

Poisonous and dangerous plants can often be found on countryside plots. These include rose hips, buckthorn, sweet-bitter nightshade, castor beetle, etc.

Eliminating dangerous shrubs and plants will help avoid many of the problems they cause:

  • burns;
  • injuries of various kinds (scratches, punctures);;
  • blisters;
  • allergic skin rashes;
  • poisoning.

All objects for games that you install in the yard should be tested for strength and reliability. Structures are not allowed to have protruding bolts and nails, as well as sharp corners. All joints between parts should be carefully aligned and deburred.

Every 6 months you should check the serviceability of swings and other structures. To improve safety on children’s slides, protective elements should be installed.

Designing and designing a playground with a slide

Using to create a playground with their own hands drawings with the dimensions of the slide, you can build an interesting play complex. Even on its own this design has a complex structure, so you will have to work hard over its construction, since here you will need to take into account a large number of nuances and rules.

The height of the structure is chosen according to the age group of children and their growth. For kids ages 2 to 5 years the maximum height of the slide is 150 cm. For elementary school children, the design with parameters in the range from 250 to 350 cm is suitable.

To increase the safety level of the stair zone on the slide, you can use anti-slip material to finish the steps. This type of special coating will be especially useful if there is a pool or other sources of water nearby. This measure will allow children with wet feet to climb the slide safely.