What is natural plant in interior design

natural plant in interior design


The natural plant in interior design is an ever-growing trend in home decoration. This type of design features plants grown inside or near to the home, often in a natural setting. Plants can be used to add a natural element to a room, add freshness, and add a touch of color. They can also serve as a focal point and add a touch of tranquility to a home.

If you have plants that only survive cacti, and those in a couple of years shrivel up, try to use artificial plants for decoration. Quality copies of European production, at first glance, little different from the natural foliage, and perform their function of enlivening the interior is not worse. So, in this article we will consider different ways that can help you make your home more cozy and unusual.

The placement of decorative plants in the apartment

The most usual place for houseplants is a well-lit window sill. But if you do not want to be limited to trivial options, or you have so many flowers that space is no longer enough, you can consider other ideas.

Room flowers, for example, look great on a table, on the floor or in hanging casseroles. And one of the shelves in the bathroom can be allocated for a vase with natural or artificial bamboo stems.

When choosing an ornamental plant, you should proceed from two main aspects – lighting and the place that has been prepared for it. Finding a place for small plants is much easier than for sprawling plants. But if you are more fond of large forms, you should not get upset. And in a small-sized apartment, a large plant can look advantageous, visually increasing the space.

Another option for decoration is to decorate the entire area of a large window with hanging flowerpots, using natural light to the maximum. And the role of planters can be even wicker baskets or wooden boxes.

For creative space zoning an ordinary clothes rack can be used. It can also perform the same additional function, becoming a peculiar and fairly budget-friendly alternative to the screen.

Multidimensional and multilevel shelves help to create impressive wall compositions. The main thing is not to forget the main principles of decorating: the principle of the triangle and the alternation of heights, otherwise your shelf risks to turn into a reminder of grandma’s geranium on the windowsill.

If you have problems with the selection of decor on the shelves, you can get help from a special shelf rack. Some models have laconic lines, and fans of the style of Provence, probably will appeal to forged etagères in the form of a small bicycle.

Owners inclined to extravagant and bright interior solutions will appreciate phyto-paintings. Its frame consists of a frame, metal mesh and plywood. The frame is filled with soil and plants are planted in the cells.

Decorative plants in such a frame look like an original living picture

A rack for flowers can serve as an ordinary stepladder or ladder, attached to the wall at an angle, they will allow to advantageously arrange several plants. And the trays, if necessary, can be easily moved into the garden.

Useful plants in the bedroom

The choice of plants in the bedroom should be approached with particular care. Many of the popular indoor plants emit carbon dioxide or have a rich aroma that will not at all contribute to a good rest.

For example, few people know that the Monster, loved by all foreign decorators – a poisonous plant, which can not be put in the rooms of less than 15 square meters and without good ventilation.

Useful plants in the kitchen

House plants can be not only a beautiful addition to the design, but also functional. In the West today, many people grow lavender to combat stress.

Dried chamomile, thyme, mint or St. John’s wort would be not only a great decoration for a classic or Scandinavian kitchen, but also a tasty addition to the tea for its owners

And in the kitchen, any hostess will be able to arrange a mini-garden of spicy plants, which can go into a salad or into a pan right from the improvised bed.

Green decor for the bathroom

Two “pain points” of every bathroom are lack of light and high humidity. Of course, if your bathroom has a window, half of the problems disappear. Otherwise, you will have to pick up plants that like shaded areas and high humidity. The most resistant of them: dracena, Hovea Forster palm, sansevieria (mother-in-law’s tongue), or gusmania with magnificent bright red flowers.

Lounge area on a windowsill

If your windowsill is wide enough, you can set up an entire lounge area there. Lay a thin mattress, arrange decorative cushions, hang plants on the walls near the window, put ficuses and ferns on the floor next door and you have a personal oasis even in the most densely populated area of the metropolis.

And if you want a similar result with minimal effort, you can simply move your favorite chair closer to the window and put a few pots of plants around it.

The seating area on the balcony or loggia

Balcony and loggia are becoming a favorite place for all citizens in the summer, because here you can refresh and spend time in the air, without leaving the apartment. And if you decorate the loggia by ornamental plants, you can arrange a wonderful corner for recreation and recovery. You can organize it together with your neighbors on the balcony.

Create a mini-garden

Even one plant in a beautiful cachet can transform the room. If there are many of them, we will have to make efforts to distribute them in a harmonious space – on windowsills, tables or on the floor. But it is possible to approach the solution to the problem and more original.

Glass flasks

Cacti and succulents will become a self-sufficient object of decor if you plant them in a variety of flasks, jars, bottles or even glasses. Such a small florarium will successfully complement the stones, moss, snags or figures of animals.

natural plant in interior design

Vertical garden

If you have a very modest space at your disposal, and long shelves do not suit you, as they visually weigh it down, you can consider the option of wall mounts. They will save space, while allowing you to change the plants depending on the season or move them from room to room, renewing the interior. In a hallway, where usually every centimeter of wall space is taken into account, shade-loving ferns would fit in perfectly, fragrant geraniums in the living room, and spicy herbs in the kitchen.


One of the most fashionable trends is a stylish phytowall in the interior of the apartment. It can be placed in any room, and its basis is a specially prepared, stabilized moss.


Minimum maintenance, affordability and the opportunity to update the interior more often attract many homeowners. A bright bouquet is able to transform the space of the room, add bright colors and raise the mood. That’s why cut flowers are so loved by hoteliers and restaurant owners.

Using furniture

If you place moss or succulents under the glass of a coffee table, they will turn into a real work of art. And if you transform an old chest of drawers into a showcase, carelessly pull out a few drawers and place pots there, any piece of furniture can become an art object.

Glass display case for plants

Another interesting version of the decor is a mini greenhouse, which will not only create an ideal microclimate for the most capricious plants, but also protect them from pets. This kind of greenhouses is designed primarily for propagation of indoor plants, germination of cuttings and seeds. And they will be an ideal home for tropical plants such as orchids. Phytolamps can be put inside.


The main advantage of such carts – mobility. You can move the mini-garden on wheels depending on the movement of the sun, roll out to the homestead and roll back in during bad weather.

Top tips for decorating with greenery

  • Properly arranged indoor flowers make any room cozy, even if you are a fan of interiors in the style of hi-tech or loft
  • A bright plant in a stylish cachet is a beautiful color accent that perfectly complements the monochrome interior. 
  • Large flowers in pots or plants on a rod zonify the space no worse than shelving and screens.
  • Greens relieve eye fatigue, this is important for those who work at the computer.
  • If you do not have time to take care of flowers, buy a planter with automatic watering. It can keep the soil moist for up to a few months.
  • Choose your plants carefully, especially if you have children and animals at home – many attractive flowers are poisonous.